M2B - 1966

This was McLaren Racing's first Formula 1 car. Technically it was a spectacular success, for the chassis was the stiffest open cockpit unit ever built, with torsional rigidity approaching 10,000lbs/ft per degree. The 1966 season was the first to be run under the 3-litre Formula 1 rules, however the McLaren car was not a success and was shelved at the end of the year. Two chassis were built, but only one raced.

Chassis: Bathtub-type monocoque formed from Mallite and duralumin panelling formed over mild steel bulkheads.

Suspension: Independent by upper rocker arm operating in-board coil spring/shock units with radius arm and lower wishbone in front. Upper transverse link and radius arm, lower reverse wishbone and radius arm with outboard coil springs/shock units at rear. McLaren cast magnesium wheels, 13 x 8½ front and 13 x 12 rear.

Brakes: Girling discs all round with dual circuits and BR calipers, AR rear.

Body: Formed by monocoque sides apart from fibreglass nose cone and cockpit surround, and engine covers used occasionally with both engines.

Engine: 3-litre Ford V8, ex Indianapolis twincam engine later replaced temporarily by 3-litre Serenissima V8; Borg & Beck clutch and 5-speed ZF 5DS25 transaxle.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 96 inches, front track 59 inches, rear track 59 inches.

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